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Amber McBride just moved into the Simi Hills, birthplace of Hollywood and the Manson Family. She's dealing with her parent's marital problems, the ghost of a teenager that disappeared during the 1980's and a family of brothers living under a curse, and a strange convergence of forces that may be good or nefarious. 

It's a lot for a fourteen-year

old witch to handle...   

Small Heading

"Compelling. Elizabeth Harris' debut novel might be aimed at fans of the Fantasy/Paranormal genre, but it entertains on practically every literary level. Keen dialogue and interesting characters inhabit a world equal parts real and magical. If there's adventure in your heart and soul, this book's your ticket."


Doug Richardson - 

Screenwriter & Novelist (Die Hard II & Bad Boys)

Meet the characters in American Bruja:
The Los Angeles Cauldron


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Shelby Pierce

An Urban Indian and Amber's BFF from Seattle.